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It is possible to have your Driver's License Restored without owning a vehicle in the State of Pennsylvania. This is possible by completing a DL21 Certification that you own no vehicles in the state.  Once you have your privilege restored, we can also help you by  installing an ignition interlock.

What if I Don't Own a Car?

PA law requires individuals to obtain an interlock license to have their unrestricted Driving Privilege Restored. However, if a person does not own a car or truck, they can still have their interlock license issued. This option can offer substantial savings and enable a person to have a Driver's License issued even without a vehicle

Beginning the Certification Process

The first step to certification is to obtain a copy of PennDOT's DL-21 form.  It can be downloaded from the previous link (requires .pdf viewing software), or we can mail or fax one directly from our main office.

Next, fill out section A and sign and date section C.  Please leave sections B and D blank.  Then either fax or mail your completed DL-21 to us.  You can include payment, or pay via phone.  Call with any questions you may have.

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