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Do You Want to Install Interlock Devices?


That is a great idea. If you have experience with Automotive Electronics and 12 Volt Systems; this can be a great way to supplement your income. Most installations are easy to complete. And you will be paid for servicing the devices in regular intervals and for removing them too.


If you own a repair shop or electronics shop, this is perfect for you. The work is pleasant. We take care of all the Customer Service. We train you completely and you get to meet a new client base that may not have been coming in to your store or garage before. It is the total win-win.


Call us at 1-866-718-8606 to get started and find out what areas are open. We guarantee to give you your own territory so you are not competing with any of our other service centers. By the way, did we mention that we were one of the first Ignition Interlock Companies in Pennsylvania? We are among the oldest and most trusted Interlock Vendors.


We provide all the equipment so there is no investment on your part either. Call us today or reach out on our Contact Form right now before you competitor does.